Parts for Goldstar Sound

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Parts for Goldstar Sound

Post by khazi » Sat Feb 27, 2021 2:43 am

Hello All

I have a Goldstar Sound - from this site I've identified it as 1984. Embarrassingly, I bought it new when I was a teenager. My family ran a chain of music shops, and my Dad did a deal with one of the other shops - so I got it for peanuts. Unfortunately this meant I didn't treat it that well - it was just a cheap Japanese Strat back then! I was heavily into Ry Cooder, so I put a P90 in the bridge position.

It still sounds great, but I'd like to restore it and replace some worn parts. Needs a new scratchplate, pickups, electricals, bridge - maybe tuners - where's a good source?

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Re: Parts for Goldstar Sound

Post by mdvineng » Sat Feb 27, 2021 5:27 am

The Internet. Most Fender parts fit due to the accuracy of Tokai.
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Re: Parts for Goldstar Sound

Post by Voidoid56 » Wed Mar 03, 2021 2:37 am

Try eBay, Reverb and some patience. Some search tips to find the correct original gear for an '84:

If any of the original pickups are still in it or stored, check for a U or E stamped on the back of it. These were two different types of pickups used on different models, so you need to get matching ones.By '84, both types have leads with cloth insulation, earlier ones were plastic, but you you don't really need to be picky about that, the pickups are the same otherwise.
If you don't have any of the originals, go for U-stamps, the model they were in (TST50) is far more common and U pickups easier to find the E's.

The correct bridge for '84 will have a separate block and pressed-steel saddles stamped "Final Prospec" (not Prospect). Earlier bridges are cast one-piece units with Tokai-stamped steel saddles.

Tuners are accurate Kluson copies marked "Deluxe" down the center line, older ones were also marked Tokai. These are pretty much generic, so any metric Kluson-type tuner will fit, I guess.

The electronics are mounted on a brass plate and the original switch is an odd compromise between a 5-way and a vintage-correct 3-way: it does have 5 positions, only the 2 and 4 positions are much less distinct that the others. Otherwise, the electronics are unremarkable. Again, go for metric if you can't find originals.

And yes, standard Fender-size pickguards will fit exactly or be very close indeed.

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