Jazz Sound players chime in please!

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Jazz Sound players chime in please!

Post by PhunkyBass » Wed Feb 02, 2005 1:55 pm

My first post - Joy.

So back in 87 or 88 I purchased a 7okai Jazz Sound - Oldie But Goodie. I was pretty new to bass and I thought the sound was cool. Plus at $150
it was in my budget.

I since have been able to spend a bit more on basses. Cant quite lay the cash for a vintage '62 - '64 jazz, but I must admitt I haven't played a single coil as sweet as this "jap knock-off." New USA Fenders and G&L included. Havnt had the pleasure of trying a vintage Jazz.

When I bought it the dude said it was an '81 and everythiong I've researched seems to agree with that which I guess makes it a vintage itself. The value has not increased like a Fenders, but I care more about sound anyway.

My question to you: Are you a big fan of your Jazz Sound? Is it your main single coil axe? What year is yours and how do you know?

Thanks all.
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Post by ian » Thu Feb 03, 2005 3:29 am

Hi PhunkyBass ? I know zilch about Bass, but just wanted to say Hi & Welcome to the forum (quite like bass on jazz/funk stuff though) :-? .

Sounds like you?ve already checked the logo, but if it?s thin script-style (so called ?spaghetti-logo?) then 81 sounds about right ? at least that?s the case on 6-strings (logo changed to block style in 83). Nice guitar, more interesting & unusual than 81 Fender me thinks 8) .


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Post by tokaiguy » Sun Feb 06, 2005 11:03 am

:o And a much closer "Replica" of a Vintage Fender Jazz Bass than what Fender was making at the same time! :D And Welcome!! 8) TG

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