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Si Pie
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Post by Si Pie » Wed Nov 04, 2009 2:25 pm

Axchisler wrote:
Si Pie wrote:I didn't even look at the pic because I'm that damn good.
That's histerical Si Pie! :lol:
Haha I'd forgotten about that post - intended to put a bit of humour into the thread as it was getting a bit bitchy :D
rmarchetti81 wrote:The person I bought this "fake" tokai from advised:

There are no legal tools that this guitar is fake because it was made for Tokai Gakki Co. Ltd which results in guitar being Tokai itself regardless useless information you have found in the Internet.

I am very well prepared to stand at my position and will not issue any refund for this guitar whatsoever. My position is firm and will not change because I can easily prove I am right.

Read what it says at
the back of headstock of your guitar.

You need to prove the licence to
manufacturer to make this guitar for Tokai Gakki Co. ltd is false.
Firstly do not back down and don't agree that if the seller can prove the guitar is genuine you will accept it. Likelihood is you'll get some bullshit 'proof' like 'it says Tokai on the headstock so it must be Tokai'. A fake Rolex is not a Rolex just because it has the name on the watch.

I would reply back stating that just because the guitar says Tokai, it doesn't disprove the guitar could be counterfeight and that 'Manufactured Under Licence' also does not disprove the item is counterfeight.

Advise that you have contacted Tokai Japan (note not a UK or European dealer as requested) and will forward the response directly to ebay once received.

Explain that there is more information to suggest this guitar is counterfeight than the genuine article and you want proof that the guitar is real. Simply stating it says Tokai on the headstock does not make it Tokai and you need the proof the seller describes they have obtained.

Finally explain that item listing 150385873633 indicates the guitar is not a genuine Tokai. You will forward all of this information to Ebay if no refund is forthcoming as clearly it is going to be impossible to co-operate.

Just out of interest, I know it's not a real Tokai but is it an ok guitar? Could you not compromise and ask for some money back and not all?

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Post by Axchisler » Thu Nov 05, 2009 1:55 am

Here's that other post when I was asking about them too. There's also pics of Max The Dog's beautiful real Japanese PRS copy. ... ai&start=0

+1 Si Pie about a partial refund if he likes it. What do you figure they should sell for, $350 US?

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Post by Axchisler » Thu Nov 05, 2009 2:20 am

I see that fake has been re-listed for $200. Hell I might grab that myself :wink: .

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Post by rmarchetti81 » Thu Nov 05, 2009 10:45 am

Thanks Axchisler. It is good but I want to resell it for a fender. I paid an amount that I can't get back because it is fake and I can'tput on ebay if it is fake.
I thought I was buying a Tokai guitar which I could then resell when ready to move on, this is not the case as it is fake so will be harder to resell and devalued.

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