confused with the registry... maybe??

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confused with the registry... maybe??

Post by Nichd » Sat Mar 26, 2016 7:47 am

So no response needed... just an observation.

Seems like it needs some cleanup on naming conventions... i.e. dash, not dash etc. Seem a bit of a free for all. My suggestion fwiw would be to utilize a drop down of known models and eliminate open field input... allowing for a 'not included' selection to add some flexibility?

Secondly... wanted to search for more models like mine, but didn't see any.. which would be odd given that this forum was gifted one like mine, so it should be in the dbase. I am 2-posts new, so maybe i wasn't using it correctly.

Lastly... regardless of suggestions, just a thank you to whoever put this together. Seems very much a labor of love... and for that, as a user I say thank you!!!

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