Bacchus BLS-DX ? (Quilt top BLS model)

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Re: Bacchus BLS-DX ? (Quilt top BLS model)

Post by guitar hiro » Sat Dec 19, 2020 9:18 am

amazanman44 wrote:
Tue Dec 15, 2020 4:11 pm
Hi all, I'm the owner of the BLS-DX with the 101711 serial number and I don't know the specs, but there used to be an old (now gone) thread link where a guy gave information about Bacchus guitars and the Bacchus BLS-120, BLS-59's, etc. where he said that Bacchus DID make some of their BLS LP's with Brazilian rosewood fretboards(he mentioned the DX models), but that these were exceedingly rare and special order.

I've owned and sold quite a few of the Bacchus Classic line guitars including their Les Paul's (part of me wanted to be the Bacchus equivalent of Johnny Appleseed, buying Bacchus guitars from Japan and then selling them in the US market used to spread the gospel of Bacchus.... only the Made in Japan models, of course), great guitars, and you used to be able to buy them for very cheap before the word got out(lol).

I can confirm that it's a great guitar, don't know if the back is Honduran or African, but I agree that most of the Bacchus LP's I've owned most likely had African, I surmise, owing to the grain pattern.

101711 has a GREAT quilted maple top, abalone inlays instead of the typical acrylic, and the board is very nice/I always just assumed it was Brazilian due to the Bacchus thread that I mentioned before. Can't tell what the back is as the back and neck are painted black.

My finish is definitely not oil, it's a lacquer finish.

As to how good of a guitar it is, I also owned a Crews Maniac 59 FM J with Brazilian fretboard, the special pickups from the guy who designed and made the Greco Dry Z's back in the day and a killer top and I sold it/kept the Bacchus.

Just didn't bond with it.

This is the only Bacchus that I've ever owned with the abalone inlays so I'm inclined to think that it's a special order item and that's why I'd like to believe it has a Brazilian rosewood fretboard. (as in, who'd go to all the trouble to spec in abalone and get Madagascar?)

Just my two cents, glad to see that Bacchus and Momose are finally being recognized for the great instruments they are!! Have two Bacchus Strats, a rare non-volute Bacchus Les Paul Custom, and a Bacchus '62 Jazz bass copy currently that's killer.

Used to own a regular Bacchus korina flying V and Explorer back in the day, wish I'd held onto them after seeing what they're going for now, even in Japan!!

PS If you ever get a chance to buy a Bacchus BFV-2010K, but IT!!! Great guitars, finish is just amazing, gold hardware pops, and they sure are puuuuuuurrrrty... had to sell mine to pay some bills, sadly, but what a beaut!!

I also reached out to Bacchus to see if they had any info on my serial 101711 serial number guitar and even sent them pics, but apparently Bacchus didn't keep records from back then!!

Happy trails to you, sorry for resurrecting a zombie thread, and good luck Bacchus hunting!

Great to see the owner of BLS-DX # 101711 pop into the thread 8) You have one of the rarest & likely one of the nicest MIJ Les Pauls out there :D
If I recall correctly the quilt top on yours is finished in some type of medium/dark blue color?
Glad you popped into the (dead) thread :lol: and revived it.

As for 'Bacchus hunting' I purchased my first Bacchus back in 2005, near the end of 'Vintage Series' production.
I have owned about ~50 Bacchus examples, and I still own 11 Bacchus examples; the majority from the Vintage Series era.
The thing now is finding good Bacchus examples is becoming much more difficult than it used to be, not that I'm looking to buy but I'm always looking. :lol:
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