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Tokai CE70T

Post by Lucke Luke » Sun May 22, 2016 6:14 am

I'd like some help with clarifying an acoustic that has been on ebay for over a year when I joked that if it was still for sale when I graduated I may consider it.... 8)

It's a 2003/4 model supposidly. The guy does not have any documentation or receipts.

The sticker in the soundhole says:
Model: CE70T (Although the description states CE170)
Serial: 008018

link: ... 3641.l6368

The description claims that it's japanese crafted, but I remember people saying that after a certain year, all acoustics were made in China.

As I say, it has been on eBay for over a year and thus I am dubious of the asking price. I'm aware that most people are unwilling to say how much something is worth, but with there being so few acoustics to compare with, etc. I would really appreciate some sort of indication of what it should be worth.


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