To buy or Not? Greco EG-600

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To buy or Not? Greco EG-600

Post by gorath23 » Mon Nov 19, 2007 3:54 am

I've been hanging around here for a while now, gleaning various bits of information and I've decided that I'd really like a Greco, mainly to give me more of a sense of occasion when playing, compared to my rather standard metal-fare Schecter. Ideally I'd love an LP Custom and I've come across a 1990 MIJ Greco in great condition, it has the long tennon neck and I believe due to the existence of a serial no. and the pickup routing its from the Dyna factory in Japan, not Cort made. It has the set neck and single bolt through (no back plate). Its also listed as the EG-600, which is sort of mid-range right? Anyone have a similar model? I could afford a slightly better version, maybe an equivalent Mint Collection, but as I play hard rock/metal I'd most likely want to change the pickups (Bare Knuckle Nailbombs :D ) and thus might not have the money to do so if I spent the little extra. Any thoughts? I can get pics up if necessary. - Prog Dark Metal

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Post by japanstrat » Mon Nov 19, 2007 4:25 am

60,000 Yen is more low end and that's why it's got the bolt thru neck.
For set necks the angle of the neck has to be spot on before glueing it on otherwise the action is off so it takes time to get the tenon body route and the neck at the right angle and more time = more labour = more dollars (that's why FujiGen gave up on making a lot of set necks for a while) so the bolt thru neck seems to be a design where quicker neck angle adjustments could be done at the factory and less time = less labour = less dollars.
It depends on the price they are asking.
I've never played a bolt thru Greco but it might be a good guitar it's hard to know buying over the net without trying.
The lower end Grecos from the Super Real period late 1979 to 1982 are better IMO (some are called Super Power) and some even have high end features like fret edge binding which doesn't make it sound better but it indicates how well they built the low end Grecos back then.

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Post by fiftywatt » Tue Nov 20, 2007 12:46 pm

I would avoid a bolt neck 1990 Greco at all costs. You can go back 2 years to a 1988 even and find a much better Greco. By all means go with a Fujigen made glued neck Greco with the long neck tenon.

Japanstrat makes a great point about "how well they built the low end Grecos back then" I have two EG-500 models from 1984. Neither of them are any less build quality than several EG-700's that I've owned. I also have an '82 EG-500 gold top that does have the Super Real style fret binding. Its a terrific instrument. Most of the "higher end" Mint Collection Grecos I've had have been prettier cosmetically but not necessarily better fit and finish or woods. It just depends on a case by case basis.

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Post by LarryC » Sun Dec 09, 2007 12:45 pm

Well,I have the same guitar and I think it's a great guitar!!,if you can get it for around $300 I would say go for it...and there was no need to change pickups if you want a hotter sound..

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