Wishbone Ash Orville

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Wishbone Ash Orville

Post by japanstrat » Wed Mar 05, 2008 7:26 am

Interview with Martin Turner who is using a Orville.


In the interview it's understandable that how the Orvilles got their name is a little off track because that was the BS around on the net at that time made up by someone, that the Gibson name had already been taken in Japan by some other company and that was why they were named Orvilles. It turned out the other company was Gibson who had been selling Gibsons in Japan for years before the Orvilles started and the Orvilles were never going to be named Gibsons and probably were named Orvilles and not Epiphones because of a possible sales clash with the newly launched Korean Epiphones that were also being sold in Japan at that time (1988).

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