help id'ing mark II on headstock? les paul copy

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help id'ing mark II on headstock? les paul copy

Post by paulmo » Mon Jun 07, 2004 8:44 pm

just bought this guitar, black 2 hums les paul copy, "mark II" in gold paint on headstock is only marking on guitar, took apart, hoping to find country of origin or date (often on pu's, well, etc.--nothing.) trapedoidal inlay "diamond" on headstock, inlays on neck. floating pick guard. 3 way toggle. binding all around.

also bought a "global" lp copy at the same time, same exact guitar in many ways except "global" only marking on headstock. this one is a sunburst color. no pickguard. hastier construction shows in pu well. neck is thinner though, feels nice. same trap inlay on neck but not on headstock. binding all around. i did find on internet that global was a sears and montomery ward guitar in the 70's. how anti-climactic.

i've really panned the internet for info. usually pretty good at id'ing things. totally stumped here, except one trail led to "tokai" (harmony central review of a hondo "mark II"--but mine doesn't say hondo anywhere.)

help id'ing anyone? maker/model/country/year(s)?? big thanks--



Post by Guest » Mon Jun 07, 2004 9:30 pm

i'd like to add that both guitars have bolt-on necks (4 screws), and are slightly arched top. the mark II has a maple top (about 1/4") and otherwise mahogony body and neck. i think same for the global, but harder to tell on quick look due to hacked up interior and paint splotches.

hope this helps id these guitars...

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