For sale Gibson 1964 SG Junior. France only.

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For sale Gibson 1964 SG Junior. France only.

Post by spikeymikey » Tue Jan 07, 2020 4:08 am

A VERY NICE Gibson SG Junior from 1964 In fine condition, no breaks, plays like a dream. Will be supplied with original bridge as well as the "Pigtail" unit shown here. Pickup is not original but there is no routing underneath the P90 which in this case is a 'Shed Pickups' "Mutznutz", handwound by shed pickups in Wales. Tuners have been changed from the Sperzels it had when I bought it back to an original set of three-on-a-plate Klusons. Very light weight and beautiful. No breaks and no belt-buckle-rash on the reverse. Frets are in great shape with plenty of life left in them and the Brazilian rosewood fingerboard is also in great condition. A wonderful slab of Honduras mahogany from Gibsons' golden-era. Supplied in an early '70'e Lifton style hardcase. EURO €2950 + shipping. For sale in France only.

Click links below for a couple of photographs of this great guitar. Please email me for further photographs. Cheers, Mike.

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Re: For sale Gibson 1964 SG Junior. France only.

Post by marcusnieman » Tue Jan 07, 2020 8:45 am

Very nice

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