1991 Tokai ES-150 (non catalog model - specs?)

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1991 Tokai ES-150 (non catalog model - specs?)

Post by mattbarlow » Thu Feb 21, 2019 2:48 am

I have a lovely TOKAI ES-150, when I got it I wasn't sure about the year of production.
I contacted via e-mail Tokai-Japan, showed them some photos.

"Thanks for your inquiry to Tokai Gakki.
I presume the model is made in 1991 in Japan and its serial No."

"Thanks for more pictures.

As long as I check ES-150 is non-regular moadel, and we do not have the spec sheet.
Here I wrote the deduced spec below.

Body:Flamed Maple Arched Top
Flamed Maple Side & Back
Neck:Mahogany 1pce Set-neck
Bridge:LS-VB Bridge
LS-VT Tailpiece
Pickups:PAF-Vintage MK1

I hope the info is helpful.

Best regards.
Tokai Gakki."

Anyone here may be able to help with more specs, or know the existence of another ES-150?
What would the finish be?
What were the specs for the catalog models ES120 -- ES 180, at the time?

ImageTokai ES-150 by Alexandros G, on Flickr

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Post by mdvineng » Sat Aug 10, 2019 4:56 am

Johnny needs a kick up the arse :lol:

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Post by -Alan- » Thu Aug 22, 2019 6:19 am

mdvineng wrote:Johnny needs a kick up the arse :lol:
Or three..

It's becoming like a viral infection.
Any of the moderators able to intervene and do something about these 'bots ?

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