small bodied acoustics

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small bodied acoustics

Post by paulos » Fri Aug 22, 2003 5:01 pm

I'm trying to find a really nice small bodied acoustic for writing & recording at the moment (a really nice one!!)..I had a fab day tuesday trawling the guitar shops of London...trying out martins, collings, lowdens, santa cruz, gibsons...and ended up totally amazed at how good guitars can be!!...and not really too much closer to making a decision!!...i guess out of all them 3 or 4 really stood out...a lovely 1951 0018 martin, a sweet 1936 Gibson l-00, a new collings om-3 and a new martin om-28v. I'd like to try out a small bodied tokai (cat's eye)...did they make one? has anyone got one? ...anyway, all advice & comments welcome...i'm thinking that maybe the martin om-28v is the one for me but then again that 1936 gibson was sooo lovely... :)

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Post by sneakyjapan » Fri Aug 22, 2003 5:33 pm

I have a Lakewod M series made of walnut that is wonderful. Since you are in Europe they may be easier to find than her, they`re made in Germany. Have a look at thier web site.
Also, I own A Lakewood OM-Lite...a 7/8 size guitar that is bigger than a parlor but smaller than a regular body... Real nice and fun to play. Not sure how many were made though, I`ve seen dreds and L series in the Lites so they are around.

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