German customs and guitars with braz board

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German customs and guitars with braz board

Post by t.olsen » Sun Jul 22, 2012 3:38 am

I found an interesting post in my monthly guitar magazine 2 days ago.It was a letter to the editor of the magazin written from a reader who tried to sell some guitars in ebay.The guitars were PRS with brazilian rosewood boards and of course they were described so to make them more attractive for people addicted to braz boards.After some weeks in ebay the guy had some customs officers in front of his door searching for the guitars.The guitars were confiscated and a charge was brought against the guitar owner.After 1,5 years the proceedings have been stopped and they gave him his guitars back except of 3 that have been confiscated now from the environmental authority.These 3 will be destroyed to avoid dealing with protected species or wood.
What the editor of the magazin answered him is that you are not allowed to deal with braz equipped instruments as long as you do not have all the papers from the date of production to make sure the guitar was produced and imported before 1992 when the CITES agreement started.These rules are not only valid for the sale of an instrument but for the use as well what means the customs in Germany can take your guitar away when you go on stage for a gig with it and it has a braz board.Even if this will never happen it is clear that the customs will check guitars much more in the future and if someone has to go to the customs office to declare his imported guitar he should not talk about braz as long as those guys do not ask for it :wink:

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Post by bluesyrat » Sun Jul 22, 2012 3:48 am

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