value of a valve blue and white watkins Copycat??????

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value of a valve blue and white watkins Copycat??????

Post by Tompski » Tue Nov 02, 2010 12:14 pm

Hello all,

Is there anyone here who can advise me on the relative value of a 60s blue and white Watkins Copycat?
I believe this is in fairly good condition, the motor seems ok there is perhaps a slight warble?! surely to be expected for a machine that is 40 years old? the tape heads may be a little worn, but on the whole apart from some skuffing to the fabric/ general battle scars this thing delivers full bodied tape delay like no other!

But.... and it's a big butt!.... it doesn't get used..
my uncle bought it in the 60s and gave it to me in the 90s
I feel very torn about the idea of selling this museum piece as my uncle was a great player in his time but sadly no longer plays due to ill health, and he has told me to sell it time and time again, but I think you'll understand if I said it feels like owning a doorway to a lost era, and almost his legacy.
But as I said it doesn't get used, I have no need for it's effect and there are some lovely boutique pedals out there that would really serve a purpose for me( I can elaborate if anyone cares!!)
I live in London, and the obvious place to go would be Denmark street but most of the people that work down there bring me out in hives! an allergy to wankers with no soul if you like!
So my big question to all the people on this forum is.... can anyone offer me a guideline price bracket on this antique? or put me in touch with someone in the UK that could give me an honest evaluation?

Many thanks


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