OK, So what is in your collection?

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OK, So what is in your collection?

Post by Skybone » Sat Nov 09, 2002 12:27 pm

And not just Tokai's.

Sorry, I was just curious, as my own collection seems to be expanding (albeit slower than my waist line), I was wondering who had what in their collection/tool box/arsenal.

My money pit is:

Gibson Les Paul Studio '96
Tokai Love Rock (LS70F) '99
Ibanez Artist AR300/2619 '79
MusicMan StingRay Bass (2 band EQ) '89
Turner TG44GA Electro Acoustic


Seeing as everyone else has mentioned Amps etc:

Marshall JCM2000 TSL122
Line6 POD 2.3
Ampeg SVT15T (Nice 15" EV loaded Bass combo)
Marshall MS4 Mini stack

Marshall Guv'nor 2
Marshall Jackhammer
Marshall Compessor
EH Big Muff Reissue
EH Small Stone Reissue
EH Small Clone Reissue
EH Mini Q Tron
ProCo Vintage Rat
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Post by Paladin2019 » Sat Nov 09, 2002 2:27 pm

Modded Tokai LS200
Marshall JCM800 combo
Boss CE5 chorus box
Boss DM3 analog delay box
Boutique true bypass box for the Bosses

A wah of some description
An acoustic - Taylor Big Baby and Yamaha all-solid mahogany model shortlisted.

I chose to list everything as I believe amps/fx etc. are just as much a part of the instrument as the strings, pickups, frets or whatever.

EDIT: it may not be a lot, but it does everything I need!
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Post by Dana » Sat Nov 09, 2002 6:58 pm

Hmmm, let's see:

'01 Tokai Love Rock LS-200
'01 Tobias Deluxe 5-String Bass
Mid-80's Tokai Custom Edition S/S/H
Mid-80's Tokai Custom Edition H/H
Tokai Silver Star 3-Tone Burst (late 70's ?)
Tokai Springy Sound 3-Tone Burst (late 70's-early 80's?)
'01 Yamaha Acoustic/Electric (AJX-3C, something like that)
Orville By Gibson Les Paul Custom - Ebony (year unsure, from '85-'95)
Orville Les Paul Custom - Ebony (year unsure, from '85-'95)

Crate GFX-212T
ART SGX 2000 Express w/ X-15 Footcontroller

I think that's it. Lord have mercy on my soul if my wife saw all of these in one room together :cry: . I have some under beds, under couches, in closets, and on stands.


Oh yeah, interested in one of these guitars? Make an offer I can't refuse. :wink:


Post by loverockerUK » Sun Nov 10, 2002 7:59 am

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Post by tokaiguy » Sun Nov 10, 2002 9:22 am

As of 11/10/02 9am!

62'Fender Candy Apple Strat
65'Gretsch Double Anniversary Burst
65'Rickenbacker 335/12 Black
79'Rickenbacker 360/12 Black
79'Les Paul Gold Top
4x 84'Tokai Paisley ATE's
84'Love Rock LS80 Cherry Burst
85'Love Rock LS80 Violin Burst
85'AST 62' Pink
85'AST 56' Fiesta Red
85'Talbo SSH Orange Metal Flake, Copper Trem/ Machines
85'Tokai Japan SG/60 Classic Red
92'Les Paul "Classic" Honey Burst
?' Orville Custom White
00'Tokai Korean SG/60Classic Red
02' Saga Kit Guitar Strat Shoreline Gold/Rosewood neck
02" Fender Custom Shop Strat White/Tortise/ white headstock


65'Vox AC30
65'Fender Super Reverb
6?'Marshall 1960" Bluesbreaker"
8? Kendrick TexasCrude
8? Tokai Champ
00'Line 6 Flextonell/ ex cab and floorboard
00' Fextone Duo ...

The day is young! Tokaiguy 8)

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Post by ramsale » Sun Nov 10, 2002 2:06 pm

Current line-up:
Heritage H150CM GT
Dillion 678 LP w/P90s (Black)
Everest '59 Burst LP (Photo-flame)
Fender Am Standard (Inca Silver)
Hamer Echotone 335 (Aztec Gold)
Alvarez Yairi DY-88 Fusion (White)
Yamaha LL-400 Jumbo
Alvarez Slope Shouldered Dreadnaught (Like a Gibson 160)
Takamine C132S Classical

Laney TF100 w/Fender 80w Satellite
Ampeg SJ-12T SuperJet
Ramsa PA System
Digitech RP21 Pedal

Studio Generation 6 on Win 98

I'm in the same boat with Dana, as far as slipping cases under beds, and in closets, and don't really ever want to pull everything together in one room... The fallout would be disastrous!

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Post by tokaiguy » Sun Nov 10, 2002 2:24 pm

My father taught me long ago when finding a home get a detached garage, my office and bathroom are out next to the garage ten steps from the house! Put a bell on the back door of the house and you can hear them comming! When I got the mini fridge I became an Island! The bell is the moat! My father is to this day my hero! :D By the way I sold the 2 Les Pauls I bought at Mars ! We have incountered turbulance! :cry:

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Post by tokaigeezer » Sun Nov 10, 2002 6:52 pm

Here are the guitars that mutter at me if I don't give them enough attention:

? 1958 Guild T-100D blonde semicheap jazzer with new neck (from Guild)
? 1996 GirlBrand Uranium Girl custom built Tele style
? 1978 Gibson Les Paul Pro Deluxe
? 1997 Epiphone Les Paul Signature
? 1999 Martin 000C-1E
? Mutant Tele w/ pair of Peavey EVH humbuckers
? 1997 Fender Hendrix Tribute Stratocaster
? Modded-up 1985 Fender Japanese Squire Stratocaster w/Van Zandt Blues pickups
? 1985 Tokai Silver Star in vintage white, maple board (fantastic instrument!)
? 1986 Tokai AST-56 in Lake Placid blue, maple board
? Gretsch Travelin' Wilburys, 1 single coil
? cheapo Kay mid-60s solid body, in milk chocolate burst
? Kawai body bass w/B.C. Rich NJ series neck & EMG active P-Bass pickup
? 1969 Precision bass that someone made fretless & refinned, found at yard sale for $100
? Hohner Jazz Bass used as decoration on wall

Ridiculous, ain't it?

Must thin, must thin to match my hair or build new wing on house

Caint buy no more or wifely unit will put me out on street ? :wink: ? can't blame her, really



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Post by vaporboy » Mon Nov 11, 2002 10:55 am

Here goes (young to old):

2001 Korean Love Rock (my favorite)
2001 Yamaha APX T1 Travel Guitar
1996 Washburn HB35S (57 Gibson P/Us)
1993 Charvel 12 string Elect/Acoustic
1980 Maya P bass (Seymour PU)
1976 Shergold Masquerader
1974 Yamaha FG140 Acoustic (modded action)

2002 Fender TRRI
2001 Fender Bassman 60 combo
1974 Vox AC30 T/B

1980's Pearl Overdrive & 1980's Pearl Chorus.

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Post by Kidsinister » Tue Nov 12, 2002 2:56 am

We just love lists, don't we?

Tokai Goldstar Sound '84ish (latest addition, and top of the tree)
Epiphone Les Paul with Gibson PAFs
Brandoni Telecaster (kit)
Ibanez GRX70 (currently without frets...)
Yamaha Pacifica 112L with Seymour Duncans

All of the above are left handed.

Actually, it's just occured to me - I'm primarily a keyboard player, yet I've got one keyboard and five guitars.

Houston, we have a (GAS) problem.
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Post by vanneste » Tue Nov 12, 2002 12:51 pm

I've only got a lidl one...

2002 Gibson LP Studio (bone nut, Wizard hand wound p/ups)
1987 Washburn D-30SN dreadnaught (my fave)
1982 (ish) 7okai Breezysound TTE50 (black, rosewood)

Line6 Flextone II plus
Boss CE-2
Ibanez TS-9 (modded to TS-808)
Budda Wah

...*mope* :roll: :wink:

Psst. You haven't seen me alright :o

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Post by ryamrusj » Tue Nov 12, 2002 6:32 pm

Guitars - in the order I aquired them in:
'89 Fender Squire
'89 Fender Standard Strat
'97 PRS Custom 22
80's? Tokai AST-56
'98 PRS McCarty
80's? Tokai AST-62
'97 Fender Big Apple Strat
'9? Fender Jazz Bass
'93 PRS CE-24
'8? Tokai Springysound
'9? Applause acoustic

Amps - in no particular order
Roland x15 - nice little practice amp
Fender Ultimate Chorus
(2) Lab Series L5's

And I'm still looking for more stuff. When will it end?

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Post by Gregert » Tue Nov 12, 2002 6:50 pm

Tokai Firebird Vll (coming soon)
Fernandes "Revival" strat
Oahu Tonemaster lapsteel, (early '30s model, also coming soon)
Seagull acoustic
Crafter acoustic (set up for slide)
Yamaha fretless bass (don't remember what model)
Indian sitar (handmade in New Dehli in 1978)
Mandolin used with four strings for "piccolo slide" (probably close to 100 years old, warped neck but works for slide)
Ten fingers (late '50s models) :o

Peavey Delta Blues 210
Marshall Guv'nor overdrive (I even use it now and then)
Dunlop Cry Baby
Dunlop volume

I will not list all the guitars I've had to sell over the years......freelancing is a tough business :cry:
Steinar G
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Post by tokaigeezer » Wed Nov 13, 2002 11:04 am

oops :oops: ... forgot amps:

? 1996 Fender Vibrolux Reverb reissue in white Tolex
? Ampeg B2 bass combo amp w/one 10-inch speaker
? 1971 Fender Vibrochamp
? mid-60s Harmony el cheapo practice amp w/one 6-inch, blown-out speaker and transistors as big as some fireworks, in blue vinyl w/cheezy sparkled grill cloth
? Smokey pocket travel amp that is downright frightening if you run it through a cabinet, in sparkly purple

? Diaz Tremodillo
? Danelectro Dan-Echo
? 1970 Fender Fuzz Wah
? Boss Bass Chorus
? Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
? Danelectro wah that looks like a car

I hope that's it ... If some people can walk in their sleep, can others buy guitars in their sleep? Maybe that explains it, yeah! :roll:
Cain't take 'em with you, so you gots to play them now!

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Tokai extravaganza :)

Post by ochay » Fri Nov 15, 2002 9:56 am

Stratocaster Replica
Tokai Super Edition? Strat L161xx
Tokai Super Edition? Strat L162xx
Tokai Super Edition? Strat, Oliver L237xx

Tokai Flying V-58 UK -70 sticker- 3014xxx
Tokai Flying V-58 Can 4022xxx
Tokai Flying V-58 Japan 57 classic PU 2011xxx

Tokai 58 Explorer White 402240
Tokai 58 Explorer Natural 20115xx

1982 Tokail LS 150 Lemon burst 20130xx

Sold off most of the herd-
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