Navigator EX explorer guitar what is it?

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Navigator EX explorer guitar what is it?

Post by aroomstudios » Wed May 01, 2019 8:12 pm ... -315581113

I have a tone of MIJ guitars but no navigators yet. This guitar looks like it was expensive. Binding around the body and MOP from the looks inlays.

The things that is weird is it is a EX -50. Most Navigators are XX- 380, xx 450 etc. Where 450 is 450,000 yen. Should this concern me? Or are they like Tokai where the model is just a base on a custom order. The other EX guitars which are just plan models are twice the price of this one. If this is a real deal guitar nitro finish MOP etc I have no problem buying it. I just do not want to get a epiphone quality guitar for a $2000+ USD price.

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