Love Rock Goldtop P90s Identification

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Love Rock Goldtop P90s Identification

Post by impolioid » Thu Apr 18, 2019 11:44 am

Hello everybody,

my first real post on this forum 8)

I've got my first ever Tokai guitar today. It is even the first Tokai i every played. Bought it without testing it, because the price was just too good and i have heard a lot about them from other people.
That guitar did cost me 350€ including insured express delievery and a quality case.

The question is:
Where was it build? Korea? China? I am pretty sure it is not a japanese one (trussrod cover, serial number).
My guess (based on what i have read so far about the serial numbers) would be either 2000 oder 2009 Made in Korea.
The serial is: C090612

From what i have read, serial numbers that start with a single letter (A, B or C) are late Korean models. Can anybody confirm? any idea on how to date the guitar based on the serial number?

I am also wondering about the woods they used. The two piece neck looks pretty much like a mahagony, the body kind of does too. Is anybody capable of confirming that?
The grain on the neck looks pretty much the same as my SG, which is definatly mahagony.
Beautiful grain on the body, whatever wood it may be.

I looked into the electro compartment, there are kind of cheap looking cables and mini pots branded "Alpha". the pots work extremely well though. realy nice taper.

there is no branding on neither pickups nor tuners nor bridge.

the nut is probably made from plastic and kind of badly cut. does not look good, but works very well.

Tuners work very well aswell. had the guitar in the car, was driving around all day (very sunny day here, so a mix of warm from sun, AC in the car and normal room temp) and it stayed in tune perfectly.
intonation was almost perfect when it arrived, now it is perfect for sure.
the fretend are very nicely rounded.... just very nice :)

There is the number "8" written in the trussrod compartment. Anybody know what that is about?

All in all the guitar sound very good. much better then any epiphone or harley benton i have played in my life. actually the first non gibson "les paul" that has kind of the real sound. maybe it is the note definition or the attack, but it is tone wise definatly in the territory of a les paul standard. i have played some of them, and they feel and sound very alike. the harley benton i own never got even close (even after replacing almost all of the hardware).

I am super happy with that guitar.

i forgot to mention that is in almost mint condition. i had to adjust the input jack a little to get a full contact, but other then that, there are no scratches or dents in the guitar. the laquer looks good. it is not nitro, but looks and feels better then the P90 goldtop from Harley Benton i own. seems to be rather thin.

such an amazing guitar :)

if you need more specific pics for identification, let me know.

thanks :) ... 2x_jpg.htm ... mn_jpg.htm ... oj_jpg.htm ... 7c_jpg.htm ... qu_jpg.htm ... cl_jpg.htm ... cl_jpg.htm ... rj_jpg.htm ... v3_jpg.htm [/img]

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Post by Paladin2019 » Fri Apr 19, 2019 1:54 am

Made in China in 2009 🙂

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Post by impolioid » Fri Apr 19, 2019 8:40 am

using google gave ma results like this: ... s.1718202/

would be awsome of the registry website came back online

i found a way to access tokairegisty and it seems to be a 2003 Korean model ... ibson.html

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