interface and guitar re-amp issue

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interface and guitar re-amp issue

Post by johntimber » Sat Apr 21, 2018 1:25 am


I have an electric guitar track recorded dry and direct, line in into the mac via a unity gain tube buffer, with the intention of re-amping. It's fine, sounds as expected.
Directing it to a channel in my Behringer UMC404HD interface, via the Logic I/O plugin, to then send out to the guitar rig for overdrive and tone control, yields exactly the sound expected. Everything along the way is unity gain, the guitar amp (just monitored through it's speakers) sounds identical to the guitar plugged in.... except for massive noise, certainly more than the rig alone, with or without instrument plugged in.
The noise (not hum, noise) is immediately apparent when plugging the interface into the guitar rig, from any available output on the interface.
As a test, I took the Behringer out of the setup, solo'd the direct guitar track, set the channel and output at unity, and connected straight out of the Mac line out to the guitar rig. Also sounded fine, as expected, but- no noise, or, very little, and consistent with the guitar rig.
Obviously I have not brought the re-amped sound back into the interface/daw yet, to record it, seems to me I need to solve this first.
Unless I am doing something wrong with the setup, being a novice with the interface, is it a simple matter of unusable noise levels in the Behringer?
There's a lot of gain in an overdriven guitar rig, other uses of the interface with outboard gear may not bring out this noise. But the fact that the track, direct out of the Mac, works fine with no noise, seems to me to point to the Behringer.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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Post by aroomstudios » Sat Apr 21, 2018 8:06 am

How are you re-amping the guitar amp? You need a re-amp device: ... ing-device

Or you can use a standard passive DI but use it backwards. You would need to use the cables backwards for this situation. You would go from the xlr or trs balanced out of your interface to the xlr out (not in) of the passive DI then use the standard 1/4 guitar input of the DI as a output to the guitar amp. Or you could just order a re-amp device like the one I posted above. There are many like the one I posted above from many different company's you can choose from.

I used to have a Radial re-amp device years ago. It worked great. That one has gotten misplaced and now I just use a passive DI backwards and it works fine for me. Though I hardly ever have to re-amp amps anymore so never bought a re-amp device. Though I probably will in the future. ... p-box.html

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