Factory Fretless Jazz Sound - lined or unlined or both?

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Factory Fretless Jazz Sound - lined or unlined or both?

Post by StoutFellow » Mon Nov 04, 2013 9:59 am

I owned a Tokai Jazz Sound way back in the 1980's and always regret selling it. It went to a good home!

Am considering an offer on the following:

https://www.ricardo.ch/kaufen/musik-und ... 719095170/

The neckplate says the SN is L20255. A sticker on the back of the neck says 70. The seller says it's a 1984.

What has me wondering about it is that the fretless is unlined. I've looked at all the brochures and cannot see whether Tokai released an unlined fretless. I may be missing some.

The 1982 J-Bass brochure page here

shows a lined fretless.

But the TJB-70F in this brochure page:Image
seems to be unlined. (It's the white one in the middle, I think)

I'd appreciate some clarity on lined/unlined fretless - do you have a factory Tokai Jazz Sound fretless that is unlined? If so, what year is it?



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Post by FeloniousMonk » Thu Jan 02, 2014 8:54 pm

Hi there, sorry for the late response.

If you look here: http://www.tokairegistry.com/images/cat ... ai86_5.jpg

It's the '84 catalog, and shows two fretless 70's, the TJB-70J, and the TJB-70F.

They're basically the same, except for one (the TJB-70J) is lined with a dot inlay, and the other is unmarked (the TJB-70F).

Probably an awesome bass, and almost certainly authentic, by the looks of it. But yeah, I know what you mean, I've mostly seen lined Tokai fretlesses, but unlined ones are out there, as well.

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