Tokai Jazz Sound?

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Tokai Jazz Sound?

Post by Sateenvarjo » Mon Nov 11, 2013 4:01 pm

So, I got my 1st Tokai Jazz Sound.. But the serial number and body are making me curious.. Is it fake or real? The serial number is 085612 and there is also sticker "made in Japan".
I just want to know when was this made and where.


I hope someone can help me with this.. :-?

Jazzy Jeff
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Post by Jazzy Jeff » Tue Dec 17, 2013 2:11 pm


I'm definately not an expert but the shape of the headstock, the decal, the tuners (except for the color, mine are chrome) and the wood the neck is made of look identical to mine.
Take a look here: ... 06e21fc8e5

As you can see, mine also has a six-digit serial number that starts with a zero. Looks like it could be from the same era, probably from mid to late eighties like Felonious Monk said in my thread. Can you post a picture of the sticker? Maybe someone can tell if the sticker looks right (mine does not have one) but the fact that yours has one is a good sign too.

I guess the fact that it has different pickups and four pots is because it is some kind of special (limited?) model?

Of course, my bass could still be fake but if it is then it is an awesome fake since it plays and sounds GREAT!

..Ja sama suomeksi :P

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It's Real

Post by FeloniousMonk » Thu Jan 02, 2014 8:38 pm

It's real. Very, very similar to my JB-55 in layout, with the same pickup routing, etc., though with the -exact- same gold-tone hardware as my PJB-55 (I got it wrong last time, mine is a PJB-55, not 48 or whatever I said, completely forgot about the '55' sticker at the heel of the neck).

Hard to say when, because the serial numbers don't help much, and there are holes in the catalogues in the Tokai Registry, but I can say that min JB-55 is routed for a battery, without actually having active pickups, so the idea that they'd have an extremely similar active version makes sense.

Out of curiosity, is yours active? What does the fourth knob do, EQ or blend?

Honestly, though, I think you lucked out. My JB-55 has a Badass Bridge copy, and I could never figure out what the problem was with the string height until today, when I realized that they copied a Badass 1, which wasn't ever designed for use on Fender guitars (it's way too thick). Yours has a nice standard Fender-style bridge, though, so it should be a lot more straight-forward to set up.

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