Relatively new Squier Vintage Modified line

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Relatively new Squier Vintage Modified line

Post by cashcow » Fri May 31, 2013 11:51 am

Was shopping around for a short scale bass. Heard great things about the Jaguar basses so I took the plunge. Best 180.00, including shipping from Sweetwater, I ever spent.


I have an early G&L L1000 that I've had since the early 80's. Haven't played it in eons so I took it out of the case and the thing was huge and was fairly hefty. I'll never sell it but it got me to thinking about short scale basses. The Jaguar, crafted in Indonesia, is a balanced 7.7 lbs. I was thinking I'd have to get it set up but it was fine out of the box. Even though I'll put on a pair of flat wounds at some point, the Fender round wounds sound fine for the time being. :wink: ... apple-red/

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