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Hard Puncher

Post by Walker » Sat Jun 23, 2012 5:41 am

Thought I'd post this in here instead as it's the Bass section!!!

hello all,

I have a PB Hard puncher fender copy Tokai. It has been a great bass, with me for a long time over 15 years since i was about 15!

I was wondering if anyone would have an idea on age?

Serial Number is simply: 223096

I'd love to know amore about these period of P-Bass' as she's been a Gem.

Also, I started having my first problems with electrics. Tone Control will only allow Full treble sound and when tone is altered it basically acts as a volume knob! what does that sound like as a problem?! I have an orange drop replacement capacitor to try in it might help?

I was wondering what any of you guys would suggest in terms of electrics and specifying potential upgrade parts including pickups which might do justice to this guitar which i have a lot of affection for!

PS she's a sunburst
Hear it on this track:


Also have pics of it to post but not sure how to put the pics in the threads, I'm on a mac...



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