looking for an old topic

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looking for an old topic

Post by 20 century boy » Sun May 15, 2005 7:46 am

Hi folks

I've been looking for a topic on the Tokai registry for quite a long time. It's a topic about GIbson and Tokai and somebody put a link to a webpage written by a guy who has been owning a guitar shop in New York. The guy was making comparison between old Gibson and new ones. He was especially talking about a "quilted top" that sounded awfully. aaaaagh! I've been searching for that link for some month but I've never been abble to find it again :cry: . That was an old topic I read 2 years ago or something like that... Maybe the post has been removed as I see that the content of some posts has been completely removed.
nankurunai sa!

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