Orville serial number...

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Orville serial number...

Post by cosmitron » Wed Dec 03, 2003 6:38 am

Hi I own an orville (not BY gibson). And after having read info bout those guitars, I understand my LP one is a low end guitar. But still This beautiful tobbacco one sound real great (YES i've played on a gibbo one, and yes I still rather my Orville!!!!) and it has ebony fingerboard.... To find out what kind of guitar my orville really is I seek for info 'bout its serial number... DOES ANYONE ON EARTH KNOWS HOW TO READ IT?!!!!!!!!!!! :( my serial one: K 015571 (maybe the K stands for korean....) Thanx for those who'll help ;)

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Post by japanstrat » Sun Sep 09, 2007 7:39 am

A reply is better late than never.
Maybe I'll break the Tokaiforum record for dragging old threads up.

The Orville serial K 015571 is now known to be 1 5571 = 1991.
The K and the first 0 are ignored and the K doesn't stand for Korea.

Good to see some positive soundwise info about a K Orville.
My K Orville SG sounds great to me as well.

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