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Amp Problem Frustrations

Post by johntimber » Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:25 am


I've got a Vox VT100 (Valvetronix) and, as most of you already know, they're pretty complicated amps. They've got all the different amp models, effects, etc. built in, much like a computer. Unfortunately, this makes them very unreliable. More gizmos = more problems. At least that's how it seems... It was having serious volume issues and a very bad crackly sound, so I took it into a local shop about a month or two ago (they're official Vox dealers). They did what anyone would do--assume it's the tube and replace it. Viola! And it worked--at first. Unfortunately, it's back to the same old problems again. It went back and forth--working, then not working, etc., but now it's not working at all. I'm highly positive this isn't the tube anymore.
To be honest, the reason I'm posting this is the fact that I simply feel stupid and cheated. I mean, I was pretty ignorant buying this thing a couple years ago. For a modeling amp, it actually does sound really good--that's the reason I bought it. But, looking back, I've spent around $850 on this amp ($650 for amp, $60 for footswitch, $75 for a 1-year warranty that was useless, $40 to get it re-tubed, and a bunch of tax). And now, Vox has come out with a new model, so these sell new for $500, meaning I'd be lucky to get $350-400 for it used--not even considering the fact that it doesn't work. So, I really just wanted to rant! Now what do I do?!?!? I was just sucked into it's great tube-like sound and versatility. But to think I could've bought a used Fender tube-amp with money to spare...

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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Post by Harima_San » Wed Apr 18, 2018 6:05 am

Difficult to be of a good advice here. But I wil try it anyway.

Marketing is a beech sometimes, and you should ignore the mairmaids songs of them.

My advice would be to have this sh_t repaired and to sell it to sombedy that will pay a decent price (not easy, but it could be possible).

Then, to go for a true amplifier that is made simply and corretly. I, for myself, uses clones of differnt builders. VSA for the fender ones, Rockitt Retro's for the Marshall ones, and one chinese Vox AC15 for practicing at my mother's house when I'm going to visit. I also use old amplifiers, like the Marshall Major 200, or the 1959 SLP. Those are great sounding amps, but have tons of powers and are limited in the end application.

The advantage of a clone, is that the brand-freaks will not go after them. Making them a decent alternative on the used market. A 18w TMB clone, for example, comes around in between 450 to 700 euros ; this makes them cheap, in general very correct sounding, and sturdy in time. The same goes for many other things. The very popular Marshall 1987 or JTM45 clones are lurking around 600 to 800 euros. This isn't that big of a budget.

Another advantage is that a correct clone, will always have a value. Because lovers will always be tempted by those amplifiers that are, in a way, basically impossible to kill if maintained and treated properly. At the other side, the price of chinese/korean/malaysian plastic monsters are falling hard very rapidly. Because nobody wants to buy cr_p. Me or you, we are all the same.

I would presume, in the US, that those prices will even be lower, because of the sheer possibilities of your market. You have new clones, coming out the bench for 1'200 $, making the sell prices probably even more attractive.

So this would be my idea. Simplicity and Quality.

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