Need Help to ID '85 Goldstar Sound with '84 headstock

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Need Help to ID '85 Goldstar Sound with '84 headstock

Post by sneakypeete » Mon Oct 24, 2005 2:53 pm

Hello folks. What a wonderful resource this is for underground, affordable guitar collecting.

I found a store that is selling what they say is a 1985 Tokai Goldstar Sound Strat copy for approx. $600 US the serial number is 18519. This particular guitar has the

I checked your registry and learned that the 1985 models have headstocks with shapes that differ slightly from from the shape of a real strat.

However this particular guitar has a headstock shape that looks exacly like a fender strat headstock.

Does this mean that the guitar could be a 1984 model instead of a 1985 model?

Also based on the info provided, can you tell me whether this guitar is one of the "high quality" models?

Thanks very much for your for helping to guide me in my purchase.



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