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Posted: Sun May 18, 2008 3:09 am
by leadguitar_323
spammers are still lining up .... :o


Posted: Sun May 18, 2008 3:37 am
by bunbury
... at least 7 more yesterday,perhaps 10. These are surely computer programmes looking for targets and it's possible to make it very hard for theme to join.

Posted: Sun May 18, 2008 3:54 am
by bruceboomstick
How about putting a required field on the user sign in form where genuine users have to type a specific piece of text - some forums use "I am Real" - won't stop humans, but might reduce the bots.

Posted: Sun May 18, 2008 6:17 am
by bunbury
Sites like e-bay and many others use 5 or 6 randomly generated, squiggly letters and numbers against a confusing background - I'm sure everyone here has seen them. Does anybody on the forum know how easy it is to install this sort of software? I would think it's free/cheap and simple, but don't know for sure.

There are, apparently, bots that can crack this, but the failure rate is very high and such attacks are still rare.

Posted: Sun May 18, 2008 6:19 am
by Rob S
I am real...... I promise. :D

The other thing which in worst case scenarios has helped me at another Forum has been the banning of gmail,hotmail,yahoo type e.mail addresses.
Radical in the extreme, but it worked quite well.

We are currently operating on the phpbb format, but are using the Newest Beta version and that has all Anti Spamware free and for gratis, so possibly a quick look at the newer versions of the Forum might solve your problems?

That said..... We are actually changing formats in June and going over to VBulletin. Whilst it will mean a "Down Time" of approx 24 hours whilst Databases etc get converted, the package that they offer seems to have just about EVERY damn thing that we'll ever need and a whole lot more besides.

Posted: Sun May 18, 2008 6:45 am
by bunbury
Hi Rob,

Thanks - that's very interesting and welcome to the forum. One of the few non-bots to join yesterday! is, I think, what you're talking about.

$160 for year one and $30 a year thereafter. Sounds good to me. And, provided this is what we need, I'll pay for it this year too - although it would be good if others chipped in too, and if we can confirm it's the right way to go :D

Posted: Sun May 18, 2008 7:12 am
by Rob S
Well Thanks for the Welcome, :D

I am not in the least but technical so I have another Forum Member actually doing the work for me :oops: But as I have said, we are switching over Mid June, so I will report back with any Bugs or Problems encountered if that would help?

Spamming is fast becoming a MAJOR Problem and certainly I know of one Forum that I used to visit where they were literally inundated. It was nothing at all to see possibly 30+ Spammers hit everyday during GMT and then overnight the Others would join in. I was made up to Joint Admin over there, but gave it all up because I was spending all of my time deleting Spammers and Banning their IPs and e.mail addresses. :roll:

When we started The Guitar Grounds we were possibly rather TOO selective about our Membership? It was an Invitation Only scheme in thos days and it paid benefits in as much as we actually knew everyone coming aboard (pardon the pun). Now we are open to all entries and whilst a small and Young Forum, we have thus far escaped any unwelcome attentions. We were certain that this would change and that is why we are making the move.

Just a Thought here Guys? When we had decided upon VBulletin we told everyone what we were proposing to do and rather tongue in cheek I supposed... suggested that we would accept Donations. :D Within a week we had all the money required!!!! Could be that this might work rather well here? Certainly it reinforced the feeling of "Community" and the fact that the Forum really DOES belong to the Members?

Keep You Posted. :wink:

Posted: Sun May 18, 2008 10:05 am
by Mick51
You folks here at the forum run a good shop. I would be happy to kick in $10-$20 USD to help the cause.

Posted: Sun May 18, 2008 10:48 am
by bunbury
Mick51 wrote:You folks here at the forum run a good shop. I would be happy to kick in $10-$20 USD to help the cause.
Ned - I'll underwrite the $160. I reckon that's $140-50 I'm in for now (thanks Mick51) and I'm sure others will chip in.

Is there anyone who knows how to this set this up? Anyone want to volunteer some installation skills?

Posted: Sun May 18, 2008 11:07 am
by Rob S
Well you can always make use of my Man if that is of assistance? He would be delighted to help out in anyway he can I know. :D (Sounds in the distance of Rob explaining the ways of the world to Daniel...... With a Large Club!)

Posted: Sun May 18, 2008 12:55 pm
by stratman323
I'll chip in a donation for this too. Shouldn't cost us much each if a few regulars club together, which I'm sure won't be a problem for lots of us.

Posted: Sun May 18, 2008 4:20 pm
by leadguitar_323
Yep, i'll chip in as well...we may have to start a new thread and see how we go... :)


Posted: Sun May 18, 2008 4:37 pm
by luis
Count me in if that helps this site.......

Posted: Mon May 19, 2008 2:27 am
by bunbury
luis wrote:Count me in if that helps this site.......
I've sent Ned pm saying it looks like we've got the money and a possible way of dealing with all the spam (9 new members yesterday - 8 seem to be bots).

Posted: Mon May 19, 2008 6:04 am
by scunny
Yep $10 donation not a problem :)
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