Have a Tokai Reborn LS-200 You Wanna Sell? I Have $$$

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Have a Tokai Reborn LS-200 You Wanna Sell? I Have $$$

Post by apmechling » Fri Jan 21, 2005 8:17 am

Hey guys -

I am getting ready to leave Japan soon and have pretty much gotten every single guitar I've wanted here, EXCEPT a really nice old Tokai Les Paul Reborn (1978-79) LS-200, preferrably violin finish. Doesn't have to be real flamey, but pretty much anything not bright cherry sunburst would do.

I want a really clean one and am willing to pay a very fair price to get my hands on one. I passed up a whole bunch a few years ago, and sadly, haven't seen one in recent years.

Please steer me to finding a really sweet one if you know where I can get one.

Thanks -


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