Tokai breezysound wanted! please help!

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Post by Starkie » Mon Dec 17, 2001 11:48 am

I am looking for a breezysound or any of the tele replica range from tokai.Preferably paisley or butterscotch and from the 80's,but im not too fussy.Reasonable price and needs to be within the UK.Cash waiting!

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Post by TommyR » Mon Dec 17, 2001 2:22 pm

Starkie, a week or so ago there was a breezysound for sale in Cardiff for ?260.00. It was a private sale, guitar was in nice condition (8.5 or 9/10), the guy said it was about 1984. Black body, white pickguard, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard. I don't know if he's sold it yet. I looked at it but it's pretty much exactly the same as the one I own already so I declined. If you want his details, email me at


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