burny les paul is to heavy, should i route out the back?

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Post by leadguitar_323 » Sun Jan 06, 2008 5:51 am

Ahhhh .... Roy Buchanan, when i first attempted to play lead years ago I jammed along to "your not alone" it was an excellent choice for a beginner to play along with, I still have the album in perfect condition and it is still excellent to listen too.

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Post by Ozeshin » Sun Jan 06, 2008 6:31 am

When I first started playing guitar my number 1 idol was Ace Frehley.
I lapped up all things KISS...hence my owning a Paul Stanley model guitar.
Not the flashiest fingers had old Ace but for someone starting out as a lead player his licks were very accessible.
As time went by I was introduced to a wider range of music....I discovered RUSH around the same time....TRIUMPH....JOHNNY WINTER....and last but not least THIN LIZZY.
THIN LIZZY had the most impact on my style as a lead player.
The wide vibrato...melodic soloing...and the occasional speed appealed to me like no other band before.
At the same time and through the Lizzy connection I discovered Gary Moore.
I was at the famous Sydney Opera House gig in 1978(have it on DVD) and one Gary Moore was playing guitar.
This was in support of the Black Rose album.
I had already been switched onto GM via his work with the Webbers and "Variations" but this gig sealed the deal for me.
I went away and lapped up all that was Gary Moore...G-Force...Colosseum II even as far as the myriad of Japanese bootlegs.
As a database for learning to shred he was the bee's knees.
Now I was a massive fan until the day he decided he was a "total bluesman".
Still got the Blues album confused me at first but I could still see glimmers of his old self in OH PRETTY WOMAN so I cut him some slack and even bought the second album....from that point on he lost me I'm afraid.
A blues based shredder is what he is/was....NOT Robert Johnson reborn.
A blues based shredder is what I am and I make no bones about it.
I play tightly within the pentatonic box and chromatic shapes....I can play it slow or I can melt your face.
We,as guitarists, are the sum of our influences I believe.
Moore,Kossoff,Satriani,Van Halen,Gorham,Frehley,Meniketti.
These are the players that I took the most from.
I CAN and DO shred as the song requires....but I love the slow soulful sparse playing just as much.
Remember...I grew up playing alongside Angus et al in the pubs of the 1970's Sydney.
He developed his style by amalgamating HIS influences into his style...Berry,King,Collins,West etc.
Play for the song....if it needs slow and tasteful then well and good but if it needs speed and excitement why be only half equipped.?


Post by stratman323 » Sun Jan 06, 2008 6:55 am

Well one thing we can both agree on is that Moore is NOT a blues player. Even though I find him a bit cold and clinical, Clapton is a blues player, in comparison, but I'm afraid the best blues players still come from the US. The South in particular. And Texas, to be more specific. I wish I knew why, but it just seems that way.

At least I won't upset the forum moderator with that statement! :lol:

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