LS50 question from Newbie

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LS50 question from Newbie

Post by Eon » Wed Sep 07, 2005 1:34 pm


I wonder if you guy's can help me.... I have a 1985 Love Rock LS50... I just wondered if you guys can shed some light on whether this is a collectable/desirable model or not in comparisson to other Tokai's.

It's cherry sunburst (no flame top), and has white exposed humbuckers. All original, with case... I am thinking of putting it up for sale but have no idea what a fair value for it would be, I have owned it since new and it's in great condition.

Thanks in advance for any advice,

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Post by Paladin2019 » Wed Sep 07, 2005 2:56 pm

Check ebay's completed listings for similar models to get an idea of market value.

An original 85 loverock in good nick with a case would definately generate plenty of interest and sell for a good price, but it's not super-collectable or super-valuable. The late 70's Reborns and 70's/80's LS100's or above are the real collector's items.

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