Tokai TST-'56 numbers

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Tokai TST-'56 numbers

Post by donovan » Fri Jun 24, 2005 4:53 pm

Some numbers off my TST-'56 for you guys trying to make sense out of Tokia's scheme:
Pointy Headstock with fat 7okai in gold with black border.
Vintage Series.
Maple neck soft V with skunk stripe.
Fender 50's style shoulder on upper body joint at neck.
"E" pickups.
Serial Number 2896.
Neck 6=5.
Body under paint in neck pup routing 6=6.
Body under controls ( in an unpainted area that looks like it was covered with tape while paint was applied and then removed) 6=7.
Code in same area YSOX.

I believe the YS is the paint code (yellow sunburst) - see Tokai UK Custom page .

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