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Silverstar pre 82?

Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2005 10:00 am
by syrinx
I have a 7okai siverstar- which dates it by the forum as pre 82. What if any are the other things to look for to be more exact in dating? This guitar was purchased in a pawn shop in the early eighties. This is a college town, and one of the leading computer centers in the world- so it would not be uncommon for japanese students to be here. I can only assume it was brought over and pawned. I have heard that the pickups may be a clue- but know not what to look for. No real dates on the neck- other than the traditional marks. I will say also that there was a time that I had a kramer pacer, a pink paisley japanese strat(first run) and this tokai- and with all the necks off the lettering system and marks could have all been done by the same person. At that point I wondered if the necks may have been made at the same place- but now i wonder if it could be a industry standard or something.