breezysound specs?

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breezysound specs?

Post by Bardt » Wed Apr 13, 2005 12:35 pm


A few months ago, i got myself a second-hand breezysound (lefty), and i'm very, very pleased with it... Now i started looking around on the registry site, to date it, and to my interpretations it's pre - '85 for sure. (the guy who sold it to me said that it was late '70s but since i've seen this site, i just couldn't keep believing that, i started to compare mine to the ones in the catalogs so i drew my conclusions ...)
i could post some pics and let you guys have a look... (if i find out how to)

But actualy my question is; where can i find the specs? I just can't seem to find any descent specs on any site for that matter... like what wood? for instance... mine has a little transluscent finish and i see an ash wood drawing trough it, but the color ( the finish is slightly damaged) and tone, has alder written al over it, so what up with that?

Great site, btw

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