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Guitar ID

Post by leftytokai » Thu Dec 30, 2004 9:20 pm

Tokai Fans,

I've had my tokai tele for about 12 years and wouldn't part with it. However, I'd like to know more about. On the neckplate is the 5 digit number 22252 that's it. The headstock has the regular T in tokai not the fender type. The neck is maple and the body is black. It's a lefty.
The fretboard is maple
Body is black
I replaced the bridge, a 6-way tokai to a replacement that will take an ashtray.
I replaced the tuners, now it has grovers.

I've kept the original hardware.

I'd appreciate any feed back.


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Post by ian » Sat Jan 01, 2005 5:59 am

Hi LeftyTokai, Happy New Year & welcome to the Forum :-? .

Number on neckplate is not really a serial number, at least not in sense that it determines date of the guitar, it just indicates which US model is being copied ? eg according to Registry, 5 digit plate on your Tele should be model TE50 or TE70 copy of US Teles made c.1956-60.

Re. Headstock & Tokai Logo (shape of ?T? etc.) ? Registry shows examples for most if not all the Logos used at different dates ? early Tokais easily identified by script logo with reversed T used 1978-82 (so-called ?7Okai? logo). Switched to very distinctive block logo in 83, for about one year only. From 84 onwards style is more or less what you see on new Tokais today. From about 1985 many, but not all, Fender copies have reshaped headstock, ie pointed instead of rounded at the end. ... ender.html :-? .


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