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WOW - I got a 1981 7okai Silver Star '67 RI Strat 4-Bolt !!!

Posted: Sat Mar 13, 2004 1:04 am
by apmechling
Hi guys -

I haven't posted a lot lately, but I HAD TO tell you about this most rare Tokai of mine...

I found this mint condition Silver Star Strat that is a '67 Reissue strat - I was told it was an ST-60, but I think it is an ST-80. It is a 4-BOLT '67 reissue... black finish with positively 100% thin nitro finish all over. Maple cap fretboard. Kluson-style tuners. "E" Dimarzio pickups, 3-way switch.

The coolest thing about it is that it doesn't have the standard logo that old Silverstars had... it is exactly like the Springy Sound logo in every way, except it says "Silver Star" really small where it would normall say "Springy Sound."

It cost me an arm and a leg to get, but damn, the thing is mint, mint, mint. Never been played; has original strings that are still good, original hardshell case with pink lining, too, but no owner's card to verify if it is an ST-80 or ST-60.

Does anyone else have one of these strats? I picked mine up in Tokyo at a collector's shop last time I was there.

I have honestly never seen a '67 reissue before, and I know for sure it is 100% original. I checked it out closely, and the logo gives it away. It's for sure cooler and more resonant than any Springy I have. And it has a 1-piece alder body (kind of looks like ash, too, though, since you can see a lot of grain almost transparently thru the thin nitro).

I didn't even know Tokai made these, but here it is! I wish I could post pics for you guys, but I don't have any space on the net to post it. I'd be happy to email anyone pictures if you're interested in seeing it.

It is NOT for sale, just to say up front, but I really didn't know these existed until I got this one.

If anyone else has one of these, please let me and the rest of us know - in Japan anyway, this has to be the most rare Tokai strat out there. I've had over 60 Springy Sounds over the past 4 years and have seen my share, but never another like this one.

Anyone have any info. on this model?

I appreciate it, guys!


Posted: Sat Mar 13, 2004 7:25 am
by ned
Send some pics ASAP and I'll post them on the site. Some really good shots of the headstock and include how you determined the date.


Posted: Thu Mar 18, 2004 11:28 pm
by Cybercat
Hi Andrew,

Bill (William) here in Hong Kong.
(...& I think you might know my friend Greg from UK ?)
("dragonsbay" on eBay)

Good score on the SIlver Star !

An pro guitarist friend of mine, Graham Foster, had an early '65 Fender like that back in London in the 80's. 4-bolt big headstock, kind of a 'transition' between pre-CBS & CBS, guess they were using up the last supplies of 4-bolt bodies.

It was the sweetest Strat I've ever heard!

It had a rosewood board & the transition logo on the headstock, not the big black one that came in a little later.

Does yours have the larger headstock?
I understand it's not for sale but would be very interested to see pics when you have the space. (or mail to cybercat at mac dot com)

Posted: Sun Mar 21, 2004 3:48 am
by Guest
Hey Bill -

Yeah, it has the large headstock with smaller "7okai - SILVER STAR" logo - it is really cool, having the 4-bolt neck instead of the usual 3-bolt.

I wish I could post some pics of it; I did send Ned a few pictures but he hasn't posted them yet.

The strangest thing about the headstock is where, on the Springys, it says "Oldies But Goldies" to look similar to the Fender "Original Contoured Body" - at least I THINK that's what Fenders say - it's been so long since I've owned a USA strat!...

Anyway, my '67 Reissue Silver Star says "Original COMPUTED Body." Isn't that weird? I've never seen another 7okai with that before, but that doesn't mean it is n't on other Silver Stars - this is the only Silver Star I have now.

If you want pictures of her, I can just email them to you directly if you want to see her, 'cause I don't know when Ned will put them on here.


Posted: Sun Mar 21, 2004 8:11 am
by ned
Pictures are posted on the main site under Tokai Pics.


Posted: Mon Mar 22, 2004 4:36 pm
by Peter Mac
Hi Andrew,

Actually it's a 1966 replica - not 67. It is an SS-60 though as the SS-80 had 3-bolt necks and brass saddles.
I need to follow this further with you so please contact my email.

Peter Mac