Bridges and tailpieces

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Bridges and tailpieces

Post by allthumbs » Fri Oct 03, 2003 3:35 pm

Hello all,

A couple months ago I purchased an 82' Love Rock Custom. This is the first non-Fender guitar I've owned and I'm trying to sort out the ideal bridge and tailpiece settings. When I got the guitar the tailpiece was adjusted tight to the body and the bridge was quite low but I found that the first string had a tendancy to fret-out when bending above the twelfth fret. I tried raising the bridge but then noticed that the strings were catching on the back of the bridge - so I raised the tailpiece til they were clear. Now both appear to be un-naturally high off the body and there is still a bit of fretting out.

Is this common with this style of bridge/tailpiece? Or, do I have some other problem (I see no abnormally high frets)?

How high can you safely raise these pieces and does it really matter if the strings bind a bit on the back of the bridge?


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Post by Paladin2019 » Sat Oct 04, 2003 6:24 am

Sounds more like a problem somewhere on the neck than the bridge/tailpiece espercially if they're really high and you still have a problem.

Get it to a pro for a setup and a fret job.

The bridge height depends purely on your preferred action settings, nothing to do with avoiding fretting out. You can raise it as high as you like as long as it stays on the posts - probably best not to raise these if they're screwed directly into the body but it's fine to raise them if they're screwed into body studs (like the tailpiece is).

The tailpiece should be clear of the bridge but only use this as a starting point to find your ideal setting. Try it at different heights and try staggering the 2 post heights to find a tonal sweet spot. Again, nothing to do with your fret problem here.

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