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New Goldstar Sound

Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2003 4:41 pm
by nakamichi
FINALLY I found a new Tokai "Strat" in the shape of an Ocean Blue, Rosewood neck Goldstar Sound (single-tree on the headstock, just like the fifties Strats). The headstock is the slightly pointy shape - actually rather nice. The truss rod is the vintage "X" screwhead at the body end of the neck and there is no walnut strip - just like the old days!

I've got a 1996 USA Standard Strat which is a pile of poo compared with the Tokai.

I think it may be Korean as there's no serial number anywhere (just a number "2" stamped on the body in the neck pickup routing). I liked the stock pickups but having bought Seymour Duncan Vintages to replace the apalling Fender ones I've installed these.

I'm completely knocked out by the Goldstar, it really feels, plays and sounds like the early Strats and puts all the Fender "re-issues" in the shade.

If you're looking for Tokais, try P J Walker's guitar shop in Fratton, near Portsmouth.

Has anyone else seen these new Goldstars?

Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2003 5:36 pm
by javelin70
Yep, I have one, I think it's a 2001 model. It's a japan made AST-50 although there is no serial number or "made in japan" on it. If it has kluson type split post tuners it's japanese, the korean models doesn't have them. Also, the headstock is a little different on the korean ones. I bought it from Germany but it originally came from the UK distributor. It's surf green with a one piece maple neck. The only thing I don't like is the switch, I will replace it with a US made Centralabs switch in the future. And I also think it's a lot better than the new Fender strats I've tried (among them a '62 US reissue, a mexican vintage player + other US strats). Here's a picture of it:


Goldstar Sound

Posted: Fri Jan 10, 2003 2:54 pm
by nakamichi
Hi Mike,

Thanks for your input - my guitar is the same colour as yours except for my rosewood neck!

I have a good instinct for guitars and it didn't "feel" Korean, although I have a healthy respect for what they're doing as guitar makers in that part of the world (Ibanez, Burns Brian May etc.).

Why can't Fender make guitars like these at sub - ?1000 prices?