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ID help

Post by pcp1973 » Mon Feb 22, 2021 8:02 am

Hi all,

Back in 2006 I bought a Love Rock, brand new, from a music store here in Denmark. One of my friends, actually it was the bass player in my band, got the chance to play it in the store, and compare it to a '59 Les Paul, same amp and all. We were both completely blown away by the Love Rock. Quality, sound, playability, sustain, everything was as minimum a match in comparison to the Gibson. We agreed on a price and I've owned and enjoyed it since then. In recent years I haven't been playing it, or other guitars, as much as it deserves (workload, having kids etc.), so I'm probably selling it in the near future.

Now, I've been trying to Identify which model it is (didn't really matter to me when I bought it, just had to have it), and from the specs that I can see when I study the guitar, I believe it's a LS320, but I haven't got a clue how to confirm. The only modification I made is seen in one of the pictures of the headstock (you know, tuning stability issues and Les Paul style guitars), but same hole as used for the trus rod cover, everything else is kept as when I bought it. Well, I have been maintaining the fingerboard and occasionally polished and adjusted it when needed. I have checked the pickup cavities for model ID, but didn't find anything apart from confirming that the pickups are Duncan sh55's. The strings I put on after last cleaning was a little old, sorry.

Can any of you good people help me on this?

Here are some photos. Please let me know if you need more for identification.

Thanks in advance

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